How to Use Trends to Make Smart Real Estate Investment Decisions

How much sense does it make to go out and borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions) to buy a property that has been going down in value over the last three years? The National Association of Realtors wants everyone to believe that “now is the perfect time to buy”. Surely prices can’t keep going down, right? Do you really want to gamble on that? Banks are just now starting to unload their vast inventory of foreclosures on the market. What happens when supply exceeds demand? Yep, prices tend to go down. It doesn’t matter what a talking head or “guru” says, the market is always right and the only way to know what the market is doing is by looking at the price action. Everything else that anyone says or believes is mere speculation. Prices don’t lie, people do.

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Now, I understand that due to the illiquid nature of jesselton penang it is quite difficult to time the market very well at all. Also, you can’t exactly go short on a house like you can a stock. However, let me give you a few ideas that can help you make sound buying decisions when you decide to take another try at making money in taman tar.

For starters, I would never buy something in a declining market unless it was steeply discounted to the point of being lower than the long-term price trend in any particular market. You’ll never time the market well at all, but an awareness of the price trend will help you to at least not fly blind. How do you know real estate price trends? Take a look at  and you’ll see how to pull up price charts for your local housing market. The graphs are very helpful and they’re free.

Now, how do you make buying decisions with this information? Here’s a couple of pointers: 1. Wait for a well defined uptrend in your market if you’re goal is to make money from appreciation. 2. Why not tie up some housing with options to purchase in a few years. You could sublease the property developers in malaysia while you hold onto the option to purchase. Wouldn’t be such a bad idea when the California market decides to come back. There are plenty of other strategies. Do some research and you’ll learn several others. I’m making it sounds simple, but these sorts of strategies can quickly become as refined, scientific, and complex as you want to make them by utilizing more information and experience. This is where you can really define your edge in your market place.

There are still some good investment deals out there if you know where to look. If you need assistance in locating some of these, please feel free to visit our website at  and leave your contact information so we may respond to your request.

Here’s another idea: Pool some money with some friends and family and buy some houses at your county auction. Not as easy as it sounds, but definitely a money maker once you learn the rules of the game. Buy a course or two on the subject and you’ll quickly learn how to mitigate the potential risks.