What It Takes to Restore Your Wood Deck

When your wood deck was initially constructed, you may have loved the impact that this new feature had on your home. The warm look of fresh, treated wood as well as the cleanliness of the wood may have improved the home’s exterior appeal. This space may have been the ideal location for relaxing on your own or entertaining guests. However, over time, a wood deck can lose its luster. Its stain or coating may fade away, and the impact of dirt, grime and other elements can take their toll. This could even lead to premature splintering if the issue is not promptly and regularly addressed. If you are wondering what it takes to restore a wood deck and to protect it going forward, rest assured that Renew Crew of Little Rock can help.

Thoroughly Cleaning a Wood Deck

The first step in the wood deck restoration process is to remove any debris from the surface. When your deck has faded to a light brown or even grayish color, many elements may be difficult for you to see. However, these materials can negatively impact the aesthetic appeal of the deck, and they can also lead to further deterioration of the wood in some instances. Pressure washing this wood surface is one of the most effective ways to remove even the smallest particles from the surface. Through pressure washing, the force of a strong stream of water strips the wood of all debris quickly and easily.

Protecting the Deck Against the Elements

Once you have pressure washed your deck, you can take the next step in the restoration process. Applying a special sealant can bring back the rich, beautiful finish that you may have originally loved. More than that, a sealant can protect your wood against damage from natural elements. Keep in mind that wind, rain, UV rays and other elements can lead to premature deterioration of the wood. When you seal your deck regularly, you can improve your check of getting most life out of your deck as possible. The sealant will eventually deteriorate as the elements take their toll. With this in mind, you should apply a fresh coat of sealant annually.

Restoring your wood deck may be easier to do than you initially thought, but it can still take a considerable amount of time and energy to walk through these steps. In addition, if you were to tackle this project on your own, you would need to purchase all of the equipment, tools and supplies. Renew Crew of Little Rock is your reliable source for quality deck restoration work. When you contact this crew for assistance, you can enjoy the beauty of a restored deck soon with turnkey service.