Where To Find The Cheapest Fireplaces In Stockport

With the winter winds sometimes being too harsh for your liking, installing a fireplace in your home can be a solution. Having one installed in your home might cost a fortune, so here are some of the cheapest fireplaces Stockport can offer you from a store called Spark Fireplaces.

About Spark Fireplaces

Spark Fireplaces can be considered as the premier retailer of anything related to fireplace stove gas and electric fire. They are also known manufacturers of top quality limestone fireplaces whose prices are sure to be an excellent match for the products. With this, you can guarantee that what you are paying for a fireplace is worth every penny you spend.

With their handpicked team of friendly and capable staff, you are sure to be faced with employees armed well with product knowledge, especially things you usually look for like the fuel types and flue requirements.

Spark Fireplaces can give you the confidence that you are buying the right option when choosing for yourself among its diverse selection of fireplaces, gas fires, and wood-burning stoves Stockport is known for.

The company offers quite an affordable selection of fireplaces which has a base price of 95 pounds. They also offer packages which can help you save more.

The Limestone Fireplace

Their Limestone Package starts at 395 pounds. This package includes the fireplace, a back panel, and hearth, as well as the fire. Limestone fireplaces are usually priced at around 500 pounds. Although mainly cheaper than its marble counterpart, a rare limestone fireplace coming from a far place may be way more expensive than marble.

The Marble Fireplace

Their next package offering is the Marble Package which also starts at 395 pounds. Same with the Limestone Package, you can avail the fireplace along with a back panel & hearth, as well as the fire. In the market, marble is typically pricier than limestone.

The Gas Fireplace

Last from their collection of existing packages you can avail is the Gas Fire Package. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, can work with a push of a button and does not need wood for a fire to be kindled. Spark Fireplaces offer their Gas Fire Package starting at 595 pounds. This kind of fireplace also requires minimal cleanup compared to the other types of furnaces, although considered a little more expensive than the first two packages.

Gas Fires Stockport boasts also are a lot safer than traditional fireplaces and are family-friendly. In the long run, you can also conclude that it is cheaper in an annual basis since you are expected to spend around 234 dollars yearly on wood compared on the $74 you will pay for a gas fireplace in a year.

Gas fireplaces do not require you to have a chimney because it uses a balanced flue as opposed traditional fireplaces that need vents to expel smoke and other pollutants.

All the prices of packages offered by Spark Fireplaces have fair pricing. You can also trust that their prices have no hidden cost which can bite you back.

Practical Differences Between Marble and Limestone

Although Spark Fireplaces offer them starting at the same offer of 395 pounds each, you still have to decide whether you will choose the limestone package or the marble one. Checking their practical differences is one of the many ways in which you can ensure that you are choosing the better model. Nevertheless, Spark Fireplaces can assure you that whichever you pick, the quality of your fireplace will not be sacrificed in place of its affordability.

Regarding heat, stain, water, and scratch resistance, both marble and limestone are resistant to all. When it comes to their outdoor suitability, marble fireplaces need sealing while limestone fireplaces are only recommended to be sealed. Concerning colors, marble has a broader palette than limestone. Marble also has veining patterns while limestone has a smooth grained appearance.

Employees from Spark Fireplaces are knowledgeable enough to guide you in choosing the fireplace you want. You can consult them and contact their stores which can be found in Unit 3 Hamilton Road, Stockport, SK1 2AE. You can also contact them at 0161 300 4363. They are open on Mondays to Saturdays from 9:30-17:30 except on Wednesdays. On Sundays, their store is open from 11:00-16:00.

Stockport fireplaces firms are popping out here and there. While there are still some people who consider owning fireplaces in their homes a luxury or additional work when cleaning, the comfort a fireplace provides during a chilly winter will be enough to make up for it.